Pew Die Pie is going to lose the race to 100 million subscribers to T-Series

Personally, I want Pew Die Pie to win. Although, I think T-series will win because they are sub-botting and buying subs. One time Youtube servers were down and T-Series was still getting subscribers! Let’s just say THE ONLY WAY PEW DIE PIE WILL WIN IS IF EVERYONE UNSUBSCRIBES FROM T-SERIES AND SUBSCRIBES TO PEW DIE PIE.

Why the Phillies will get 100 wins this year

First, The batting lineup. Oh, wait. Do I need to say anything about their batting lineup? I didn’t think so. Secondly, their infield and outfield. I don’t think I need to explain much more than that they are professional players and that they don’t usually make mistakes on the field. Next, the pitching. So they have Aaron Nola, Nick Pivetta, Jake Arrieta, and Zach Eflin. Get over it, they all are good pitchers. Back to the batting lineup. 1: Andrew McCutchen, 2: Jean Segura, 3: The big dog, Bryce Harper, 4: Rhys Hoskins, 5: J.T. Realmuto, 6: Odubel Herrera, 7: Ceśar Hernandez, 8: Maikel Franco, 9: the pitcher. It is obvious that they will break 100 wins this year.

The Boy Who Saved Baseball

Today I read The Boy Who Saved Baseball. Cruz was creating a rope to climb over the wall to Dante Del Gato’s house. Tom was scared because there were rumors that he shot people who trespassed, but still, he went over the wall. I would have never done that because I wouldn’t want to die but Cruz had a lot of courage to do that.

Text to self

On page 49 The children were sleeping in sleeping bags. I can connect to that when I slept in a sleeping bag with my friends at a sleepover on page 49. They also were sleeping on cots I can connect to that when I was at daycare we had naptime and we slept on cots.

The Boy Who Saved Baseball Setting

Today I read the book The Boy Who Saved Baseball. I know that the setting of my book takes place in Dillontown, California. (I believe that this place is made up) This part of the book it takes place in Tom’s backyard, and Lucky Strike Park. I think this takes place in the 1980s.

Personality Traits of Main Character

Today I read The Boy Who Saved Baseball. Tom Gallagher has some personality traits. One of them is belief. On page 8 he was saying after his team lost in baseball he was saying that his team could have won. He was believing that they could or should have. Another personality trait would be that he is shy. On page 19 the narrator says that he would walk on a different street to school just to avoid a couple of girls. 

The Boy Who Saved Baseball Comparison

Today I read The Boy Who Saved Baseball.  This book takes place in California USA. Refugee takes place in Many different countries.  This book has 1 story, Refugee has 3. I think they are different books because the main characters have very different character traits.  One important similarity is that in Refugee and The Boy Who Saved Baseball there are wise and smart characters. One important difference is that both stories have a different intensity in the rising action.

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